Take away menu

Our take away menu consists of:

SAMOSA (each) $6.90per serve (2Samosa per serve)

Ethiopian spicy beef samosa
Ethiopian spiced lentil samosa
Ethiopian feta cheese samosa
Ethiopian corn & mint samosa
Ethiopian spinach samosa

SALADS $8.90

Asmara potato salad – Chopped potato, tomato & green chillies in a lemon & oil Ethiopian spiced dressing
Feta house salad – Feta cheese, tomato, lettuce, capsicum & onion in a lemon & oil Ethiopian spiced dressing
Aregash salad – Tomato, lettuce, onions, capsicum & crispy bread pieces in a lemon & oil Ethiopian spiced dressing

BREADS $3.50

Kita bread – Traditional Ethiopian bread with spicy oil & herbs
Hibishty – Steamed bread from Tigray


Also served with rice & injera in a 500 ml container

CHICKEN $17.90 (Rice included)

Yedoro Wat – A traditional dish with a chicken drumstick cooked in pepper sauce & served with a hard boiled egg – a spicy hot meal
Doro Tibbs – Pieces of chicken breast fillet pan-fried fresh with chilli, onion, capsicum & tomato
Alit’cha Doro – chicken cooked with carrot, green chilli & onion

LAMB $20.60 ( Rice included)

Lamb Tibbs – Prime lamb pieces, pan-fried fresh with chilli, onion, capsicum & tomato

GOAT $20.60 (Rice Included)

Feeyel Tibbs – Prime goat pieces, pan-fried fresh with chilli, onion, capsicum & tomato

BEEF  $16.10 ( Rice Included)

Kay Wat – traditional spicy beef in berbere sauce
Alit’cha “Yayesh” Wat – Chef’s special beef in coconut cream sauce
Bamia Wat – spicy okra and spicy beef (subject to availability of Okra)

FISH  $18.80 ( Rice Included)

Asar Tibbs – Pieces of Nile Perch fresh water fish fillet (no bones), pan-fried with chilli, onion, capsicum & tomato

VEGETABLES $14.30 ( Rice Included)

Atkilt Wat – Seasonal vegetables in traditional spices
Alit’cha Miser – Yellow lentils in mild spices
Kik Wat – Red lentils cooked in berbere sauce
Dinich Wat – Spiced potatoes cooked in berbere sauce
Dubou Wat – Spiced pumpkin cooked in berbere sauce
Zucchini Wat – Spiced Zucchini & green beans in a berbere sauce

PASTA (no rice & injera) $9.80

Berbere Pasta – a meeting of traditional spices and Italian cuisine – fettuccini with onion and a blend of Ethiopian spices

COMBINATIONS $17.00  ( Rice Included)
(1/3 serve of 3 dishes i.e. 1 adult meal)

Ethiopian Meat Combination – Kay Wat, Miser Wat & Alit’cha Yayesh Wat
Ethiopia Vegetable Combination – Atkilt, Miser & Dinich (spiced potato) or Dubou (spiced pumpkin) Wat
Ethiopia Lentil Combination – Atkilt, Miser & Kik Wat


Spiced Rice – Ethiopian Spiced Berbere rice 500 ml container $5.00
Steamed Rice – 500 ml container $3.00
Injera – 8 pieces of Injera bread $3.00

Have a drink while you wait……..

From the birthplace of all coffee the tradition continues…Hand roasted and freshly ground from raw Ethiopian coffee beans and served in small cups from a traditional coffee pot. Ethiopian coffee treated in this way is neither bitter nor thick and is quite different from “Italian & Turkish style” coffee. It is a smooth, pleasant taste, mellow, sweet to the palette and lower in caffeine.

ETHIOPIAN TEA – Flavoured with aromatic spices